WILU 2023

Carte Blanche

May 16–19, 2023

What would you do if
you had carte blanche?

As the definition of information literacy develops to include a diverse range of knowledge, abilities, and perspectives, so too does our role as educators. In our rapidly shifting information landscape, we must embrace spontaneity and risk-taking to meet the needs of our users. Engaging in this work pushes us to stretch and grow, whether that means reformulating existing plans or starting fresh and experimenting with new ideas. We know we may encounter spectacular failure or wonderous success.

Translated literally from French, carte blanche means a blank paper.1 However, a more figurative definition is the complete freedom to do something.2 Carte blanche affords us the space to build from past experiences, to create for the future, and to try unencumbered. WILU 2023 invites you to consider what it means to have carte blanche.

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